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New! The Freedom Tree at IDR is pleased to introduce...



"Thought Leadership Training Program"

The Freedom Tree at IDR is excited and happy to announce the development of the "Thought Leadership" program as the next generation of IDR trainings and interventions.



The purpose of the offerings is to learn how to adjust to and manage change and diversity effectively. One of the ways to do that is to improve our understanding of ourselves, others, and our community. The objectives are:




  • To demonstrate an understanding of how theoretical frameworks or lens that determine what we see and what we do not see in our environments.



  • To begin the development of effective strategies to diagnosis/see what goes on in our environments and respond affectively to yield favorable outcomes for all.




What can you do now? Click here to take a look at the course offerings and select the training/intervention you feel are ready to attend and email your selection(s) back to us. We will put together schedules as soon as possible and invite you to register



Thanks for your support and commitment to transforming our city to flourishing communities for all!




Rev. Willard Bass




Freedom Tree at IDR

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