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Bringing Light and Justice

The IDR purposes to be political but not partisan 


The IDR invites you to get involved in efforts across the city and state for social justice and community engagement. The IDR works in partnership with the North Carolina NAACP, Moral Monday Movement, and the Minister's Conference of Winston-Salem.


NAACP: Question of Diversity from Rep. Joyce Beatty

Justice Initiative: Story of the Moors Civilizing Europe

Trump rails against immigrants and refers to Africa, for one, as a s**t-hole country/continent. Trump clearly does not have a clue about Africa or of the qualifications of Africans immigrating to the U.S.; nor about the role Africa played in "civilizing" Europe and bringing it out of the "Dark Ages"...

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Video from the Southern Poverty Leadership Council (SPLC) 

Mobilizing Ecumenical Leadership

The IDR is not a faith based organization


The IDR gathers together clergy and leadership from various faith traditions for the purposes of dialogue and activism to build an authentic community, and bring justice and peace for the good of our city and the world. 

Photo property of Winston-Salem Chronicle

Photo property of Winston-Salem Chronicle

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