(Supplying Honest And Respectful Engagement)

In Winston-Salem, NC




The Share Cooperative of Winston-Salem (SHARE) is a Non-Profit, Faith Based Food and Program Supplier, formed to serve the diverse citizens of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Its mission involves providing wholesome food to families in and around areas designated as food deserts.


It is designed to be a model of collaboration involving varioys socio-economic and ethnic groups that comprise out community.


SHARE's motto, "Supplying Honest and Respectful Engagement" is the hallmark of what we purpose.

Our clients are compromised mainly of members of the cooperative and/or lower income parties requiring out assistance.


The SHARE COOPERATIVE is organized and dedicated to provide:

1. Food

2. Nutrition Education/Food Preperation Guidance

3. Coping Skills Counseling/Immigrant Sustainability Support

4. Local Policy Support


SHARE's central location will be an outlet store, where members can shop for:

 - produce, meats, dairy products, and eggs from local farms

 - sustainable packed grocery products from a food distributor

 - locally produced milk, butter, and ice cream

 - breads and other prepared foods from local restaurants and bakeries

 - a variety of other food and household items


SHARE's vision includes eventually being able to furnish mobile vehicles to visit neighbors who are the least mobile.


SHARE collects annual dues at the beginning of every calendar year to cover fixed expenses. In 2015, the amount is $35.


A potential partner in our Share cooperative is Growing Power.




Institute for Dismantling Racism (IDR)

 603 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Hours: 9am-4pm

Phone: 336-283-3299

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