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Greetings Friends,


The journey continues!  We’ve watched our nation wrestle with its legacy of racism and division.  In the midst of these challenging times, we haven’t backed down from the fight against injustice.  IDR is a force within our community in promoting inclusion and equality.  But, we need your help.


We are asking you to contribute a donation of support for the ongoing work of IDR in our community.  There is more work to be done.  What better time than now?


Your support enables IDR to achieve more in 2021.  Take a look at what we’ve done over the past few years.

  • Community Empowerment

Freedom Tree, the community face of IDR, hosted multiple Community Conversations.  These forums brought together representatives from across Winston-Salem, including business leaders, clergy, elected officials, and professionals in education. Freedom Tree is also actively involved in addressing barriers in healthcare through the Charity Care project, disparities in education through a technology based curriculum for children in grades K-3, and the lack of access to healthy foods within food desserts through our partnership with the SHARE Co-operative 

  • Trainings

IDR has maintained its commitment to dismantle racism, by supporting the internal work of organizations.  IDR training sessions around cultural identity, diversity, and inclusion have been sought by various groups across North Carolina and beyond.


  • Advocacy

The threat to voting rights is real; and, IDR has been active in organizing our community in resistance.  From the Moral Monday protests to the March for Voting Rights in Winston-Salem, IDR has been on the front line in the fight for a voice for all.


You play an important role in what IDR can accomplish.  Your financial support makes it possible for IDR to lead Winston-Salem in becoming a productive community for all.  Please, give today by visiting; or, by sending your donation to The Institute for Dismantling Racism, 603 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.



With best regards,


Rev. Willard Bass


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