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The Freedom Tree at IDR Training Modules


__  Freedom Tree 1-Day Work Session on Change and Diversity

Goals: To help individuals develop an understanding of culture and how it shapes their view of others and the world around them.

- To help individuals reflect on how they deal with issues of change and diversity in their own lives and organization and what they plan to do in the future.

Target Audience: The target audience is individuals from educational, government, and nonprofit organizations








___  Freedom Tree 2-Day Work Session on Change and Diversity Goals: To assist individuals to deepen their understanding of how prejudice and discrimination have developed and operate in our society and their own organizations.

- To assist individuals in developing strategies to engage/minimize discrimination in their own organizations and communities.

Target Audience: Individuals in education, government, and nonprofits who have participated in a Freedom Tree at IDR 1-day orientation or who have had some other introductory experience dealing with issues of bias and discrimination.











___  Freedom Tree at IDR 1-Day Work Session on Anti-Racism Training for the Faith Community

Goals: To create the opportunity for intentional and meaningful understanding of the ways in which racism continues to affect, and infect the community life of our organization.

- To help participants learn to solve the problem not place the blame.

Target Audience: Representatives from faith communities.


___ Freedom Tree at IDR 2-Day Work Session on Anti-Racism (Train the trainer) for the Faith Community

Goals: To help prepare individuals to lead anti-racism and diversity initiatives in their own organizations

Target Audience: Representatives from faith communities who have received an initial orientation on dealing with racism and want to help their institution deal more effectively with diversity.









___ Freedom Tree at IDR 1-Day Work Session on the Browning of America: Implications and Strategies for Service Providers

Goals: To create awareness about the concept of equity in service

- To build a stronger understanding of the demographic changes in WS related to the Latino community

- To increase understanding of critical cultural dynamics in the Latino community

- To develop effective culturally responsive approaches to serving the Latino community

Target Audience: Members and friends of the Latino community and representatives from organizations and institutions that serve the Latino Community.









___ Freedom Tree at IDR ½ Day webinar on the Social Determinants of Health

Goals: To explore a working definition of “Health disparity”

- To explore some operational definitions of the “social determinants of health”

- To apply the concept of the social determinants of health to a heath disparity in the community.

- To analyze the driving and restraining forces that maintain the status quo of a health disparity in the community.

Target Audience: Individuals from community organizations, the faith communities, government, and nonprofit Organizations who are concerned with health disparities.

**Notice: On behalf of IDR, please do not allow the cost of these work sessions to stop you from experiencing this beneficial training.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact IDR for financial assistance at 336.722.8379, extension:105

Dates for sessions to be determined at a later time based on interes

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