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Ongoing Training with the City of Winston-Salem

IDR, in collaboration with the City of Winston-Salem, continues its efforts to develop our city into a flourishing, nurturing community for all races. Thanks to our continued partnership and funding from W-S, IDR has been able to forward this movement through 3 key objectives:


1. assisting community members in developing a deeper understanding of their communal influence, as well as offering IDR's monthly community caucus to discus ways to further influence the community.


2. deepening participants' individual and institutional understanding of structural inequality by discussing ways to make their own units more effective through diversity and inclusion.


3. getting relevant offices in city government to begin discussions with community organizations about how they can work together to positively influence the social determinants of health in Winston-Salem.



In short, this continued partnership with the City of Winston-Salem remains as a vital component in IDR's overall goal: to become our region’s primary advocate and training provider for more inclusive and productive communities.

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