Obstacles to a flourishing Winston-Salem


Click Here for an informational power point presentation done by the Green Street United Methodist Church Anti Racism Team about educational disparities in WS/FC School System.

Winston-Salem ranks high in national poverty study and has been searching for solutions to the issue. Click Here to access a 2017 WFMY NEWS2 article regarding poverty in our city.


We are currently partnering with Petree Elementary School to provide a research based community education model for elementary students through a proposal in collaboration with United Way. 


This proposal is a collaborative effort between the Freedom Tree at IDR and Petree Elementary School.


The Freedom Tree was invited to submit a letter of intent to Place Matters, a program of the United Way of Forsyth County, as a result of a follow-up meeting with the CEO of the United Way. The Freedom Tree’s letter of intent addressed the Place Matter’s priority of school success. David H. Petree Elementary School is located in the CiVIC target area, It is one of WS/FCS’s Tile I schools.  However, Petree has exceeded expected growth, based on state classifications and it has been selected as a piedmont Triad signature school.


The program is designed to assist Petree in the implementation of the institution school improvement plan through a program product-based, staff development program that has been successful with elementary schools in this region (Bell & Ireh, 2003; Ireh & Bell, 2004). This strategy focused on the integration of technology and the use of evidence based instructional strategies into the curriculum that teachers developed and the continual assessment of those strategies on student outcomes. The target population for the program is compose of 3rd and 5th grade students, The key program strategies are to provide more knowledge, skill, and resource to classroom teachers. This is particularly important because Goddard, Hoy, and Hoy (2000) reported that a sense of teacher efficacy was positively associate with student performance in urban elementary schools.  The outcomes for the clients will be improved student performance on the 3rd grade and 5th grade end of year tests.



Join the IDR to help bring to an end these obstacles to a flourishing Winston-Salem.

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