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Upcoming Training/Workshops

September 2023


Antiracism Learning Circle

~a community space for learning and practicing antiracism~

Led by Rev. Paul Ford, Rev. Willard Bass of Institute for Dismantling Racism and Rev Christy Clore


This monthly community meeting space is open to all who share the value of dismantling personal, cultural and institutional racism in Winston-Salem and beyond. This group grew out of HOPE TANK W-S which formed to study and practice nonviolent social change. It was formally named “Communicating Effectively about Racism”.


Each meeting includes:  time to review the “wall of history” and discuss past and current events, quiet time for reflection and centering, a review of nonviolent principles, and discussion of what is coming up for members of the group as they work to dismantle white supremacy. We invite you to bring stories from your own experiences to share, or to just come ready to work with whatever emerges in the group.  


This is a space for coming together across lines of racial difference as well as differences in age, experience, religious/spiritual beliefs, sexual and gender identity and political affiliation. The only requirements are a willingness to engage in honest and respectful conversation.


   When: Every other Thursday, 12:00-1:30 pm. Join us for our next meeting on September 21st


         Where: This group traditionally meets at SHARE Cooperative. We are also offering the meeting virtually on ZOOM with our new afternoon option! Click here for more information. Once you register, we will email you a Zoom link.


Fee: A donation of any amount to Freedom Tree at Institute for Dismantling Racism. Donate HERE. (If you are unable to make a donation at this time, please join us anyway!)



Please contact Sydney Hughes-McGee at or Willard Bass at for any questions regarding registration 


Cosponsored by Institute for Dismantling Racism and 18 Springs


anti racism social justice march 19 (002

February 28-29

Time: 8:30am-3:30pm each day

Location: SHARE Cooperative, 603 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem
(The SHARE office is around the left side of the shopping complex)

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2-day registration: $150


18 Springs Community Healing Center, 2424 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem


Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

Price: TBA


Facilitated by Sydney Hughes-McGee and Gayle Willams

To learn more, click here.  

To register, contact Sydney at

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