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Values of the IDR 


To become a thought leader and advocate for think leadership to transform communities. 


The IDR and the Freedom Tree at IDR builds its programs around these 10 branches of Freedom. 


1. Spritual Grounding- while religion has been a tool of oppression, giving legitimacy to systems and institutions unjust misuse of power. it as also served as sustenance and inspiration for those suffering from racism. We seek all forms and traditions that will deepen commitment to the work of creating authentic and flourishing community.


2. Open & Honest- We remain vulnerable to one another, knowing that racism has taught us to be deceptive to self and others and that we need one another for accountability and integrity. 


3. Compassionate Practice- Our work begins with empathy for those who have been destroyed and wounded by the pathology of racism; first seeking to do not harm and care for the suffering. 


4. Justice- Raising compassion to the institutional level- we seek the healing of the systems and institutions so that they might provide equality of access and equity in the distribution of power and resources. 


5. Personal Growth- All people are in process; no one is finished in the work of becoming whole. We must never separate the work for justice from the task of becoming more whole individuals. 


6. Embracing Diversity- Beyond tolerating difference, we seek to appreciate our cultural roots and traditions. 


7. Transparency- In all decision-making, planning, and management of finances, IDR will seek to disclose all information, practice an open process of reach out and input from all members. 


8. Collaboration- Seeking not to duplicate or compete with other groups or organizations, but to use collective efforts to move the work forward. 


9. Abundant Thinking- There are more than enough resources, people, and time to move the work forward together. 


10. History- To learn lessons from the past and not repeat their patterns; to inspire us, muse to our activism, celebrating the heroes and heroines who have come before us. 



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