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IDR offers workshops and training interventions that educate, enlighten and move participants to question their individual and institutional socialization. Participants are invited to seek solutions and new ways of being that are authentically inclusive of difference. This is a process that provides a safe space for continual engagement toward a place of transformation, both individually and institutionally.


Health Care Equity Webinar and One Day Intervention



Friends of IDR and Freedom Tree Gatherings

The Friends of IDR and Freedom Tree Gatherings is for “individuals” who are on the journey to transforming themselves. Yes, we recognize that institutional racism functions through institutions’ cultural identity. However, it is individuals within institutions committed to individual transformation that change institutional culture. So, come join us as we work to transform our institutions by transforming ourselves!

Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop 

The IDR offers various organizational development trainings and consultations geared toward making institutions and the individuals that comprise them aware of their inherent biases, and the effects of their socialization. Trainings include but are not limited to:



  • Diversity to Transformation, Intro

  • Two Half Day Anti- Racism Analysis Training

  • One Day Intro to Anti-Racism, General

  • One Day Intro to Anti-Racism, Faith-Based

  • One to Four Day Anti-Racism, Intro (academic and non- academic)

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