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The IDR Training the Community

Click on a picture to see it full size with a caption!

These pictures are from the one day training sessions that have been held by the IDR in the community

St. Anne's Church Training

The purpose of this session is to help us make progress toward that goal. One of the ways to do that is to improve our understanding of ourselves, others, and our community

NCCUMC Training

The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church (NCCUMC) training goal was to create the opportunity for intentional and meaningful understanding of the ways in which racism continues to affect, and infect, our community life. We seek to join that issue, as a faith community, in real terms and real time. We anticipate that this process will culminate in action.

ESR Training

"I want it broader than race, I want it to include gender differences, religion, and cultural sensitivity and how they impact us at the workplace!" The purpose of the Experiment in Self Reliance (ESR) Training was to help understand ourselves, others, and our community to better adjust to change and diversity effectively. 

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