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Guest Blog: Free Growth Resources To Help You Increase Revenue

by: Fannie Silva

FREE Growth Resources To Help You Increase Revenue

If you’re looking for free growth resources to help you increase revenue, you’ve come to the right place!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the absolute best and free business resources, apps, and links you could ask for.

Let’s get started!

Accounting Resources

Keeping proper track of back-office details, such as where your money is coming from and where it’s all going, is a crucial part of running your business.

So to ensure you stay on top of your finances, here are a couple of excellent free growth resources to help you increase revenue.

  • Wave - This free resource helps you manage all your accounting needs. From invoicing and payroll to expenses and reports, Wave enables you to track your business finances to learn how to increase your overall revenue.

  • Zoho Invoice - This free growth resource helps you automate much of your accounting needs. Create outstanding invoices and get paid to increase your business revenue, keep an eye on employee payroll, and more.

Resources For Setting Achievable Goals

In addition to back-office accounting, free growth resources include tools that help you achieve specific business goals, such as increasing your overall yearly revenue.

A few examples of the best free growth resources to help you set achievable goals include,

  • Score - This company is dedicated to helping business owners like you develop and grow. Score provides free resources and templates, infographics, blogs, checklists, and more to help you increase revenue and make the most of your daily operations.

  • HubSpot Academy - HubSpot offers opportunities for business growth through its free training programs. You have the option to learn more about marketing, sales, and services to help increase your business revenue.

CRM Resources

A good CRM tool helps you keep track of prospects and leads and manage your sales pipeline.

In other words, with the right free CRM resource, you can optimize your sales and quickly increase revenue.

  • Pipedrive - Organize your sales using Pipedrive, a free CRM resource for business owners. This tool helps you view all related sales activities, set reminders for follow-ups, and automate workflows.

  • Inslightly - This free CRM resource allows you to configure workflows to generate more sales. More sales mean an increase in revenue, in turn, making this CRM the perfect tool for your business needs.

Marketing Growth Resources

Marketing is a massive part of how you attract customers to your business and retain them.

However, if you’re not careful, marketing can consume a large number of your finances without providing you with any of the rewards.

This is why it’s a great idea to start using free marketing resources to help you increase revenue. A few examples of the best free marketing growth resources include:

  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a powerful, free growth resource. This tool provides in-depth information about website analytics. You can view reports that tell you how many visitors your website receives in a day, where those visitors come from, the pages they visit, and more. Plus, you can also integrate Analytics with the Google Search Console, which can help you improve your SEO efforts and attract even more visitors to your site.

  • Website Grader - This free growth resource analyzes your website. In particular, it provides an overall score that outlines the marketing effectiveness of your website. In turn, you’ll be able to know what is and what isn’t working, as well as where you can improve.

Utilize Free Growth Resources!

From accounting to marketing, make sure to utilize the right free resources for growing your business.

Using the right free growth resources benefits your business in all the right ways, allowing your brand to be the best it can be!

So make sure to take advantage of these free tools and increase your business revenue today!


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