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IDR awarded health disparities grant from the K.B. Reynolds Trust

July 21, 2011

For Immediate Release

Contact: Rev. Willard Bass, Executive Director

Institute for Dismantling Racism (IDR)


(336) 722-8379

IDR awarded health disparities grant from the K.B. Reynolds Trust

Winston-Salem, NC – The Institute for Dismantling Racism, (IDR) is pleased to announce that it has received a grant to create a model of engaging health professionals in efforts to eliminate disparate outcomes in the services they provide. The model will be created, pilot-tested, and evaluated over the next 2 years. The purpose of the model is to help physicians and other healthcare providers recognize how their own processes may be creating disparities among their patients and change their practices in order to eliminate these disparities. The $241,000 grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust will help continue IDR’s collaborative organizing efforts to eliminate health disparities in the healthcare communities in Winston-Salem, Asheville and Fayetteville North Carolina.

Dr. Edwin D. Bell, co-chair of the IDR Board of Directors, described the award as “an example of the IDR value, Abundant Thinking - We move the work forward together, with the knowledge that there are more than enough resources, people and time.” The objective of the proposed model will be to build a critical mass of healthcare professionals within an organization who will be able to move an institution along a transformational process that will eliminate health disparities among those whom the institution serves.

IDR, which was established in July, 2004, is committed to deconstructing institutional racism and building an effective pluralistic society through organizing and education. The organization has helped establish seven anti-racism teams in local organizations in Forsyth County, NC and provided educational training to over 700 individuals.

The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust was established in 1947 and is now one of the largest private trusts in North Carolina. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and quality of health for the financially needy of North Carolina. The Health Care Division of the Trust promotes wellness state-wide by investing in prevention and treatment. The Poor and Needy division of the trust responds to basic life needs and invests in solutions that improve the quality of life and health for financially needy residents of Forsyth County. Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company, serves as sole trustee.


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