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Institute for Dismantling Racism (IDR)

The Institute for Dismantling Racism is the brainchild of Reverend Willard W. Bass, Jr., which came to fruition in July 2004. While in Wake Forest University Divinity School from 2000-2003, he realized there was a division among people who were called to be connected by Christian faith, if for no other reason. However, there was something that cut across all sectors of life, even ones faith conviction, and that is race and racism.

Our Mission

The Institute for Dismantling Racism, Inc. educates, organizes, and supports communities and organizations in developing policies and procedures to create diverse and inclusive cultures.

Ongoing Fundraising Activities &
SHARE Cooperative

As this amazing, successful year continues, we want to continue to push forward a still blossoming IDR with your help!


The Freedom Tree's newest project, the SHARE Cooperative, is now available for public view.

Click the link below to learn more:

IDR Latest:

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- New: Anti-racism Learning Circle Training September 21st 2023  (under "Training/Events", "Upcoming Training/Workshops")

- New: Holy Post: Race in America Part 1 and 2 VIDEO (under "IDR/TRR Blog")

- New: VIDEO: First Reparative Planning Session with UVA Experts (under "Truth, Reconciliation & Reparations")

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